Westinn Kennels

Our boarding facility is climate controlled with spacious inside runs. Your pet will enjoy 3 exercise periods each day and thier favorite toys and treats are always welcome.
Kennel tours are conducted daily between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
NO TOURS will be given on holiday weekends or weekends when the kennels are at full capacity.
Whether you have a dog who won't listen, runs away when you call, jumps on your
guests or just has you at your wits end...we can you take control!

Methods: We believe that a dog should be trained with love and positive
reinforcement. Simply put, you will see wagging tails in all of our classes.

Obedience Classes: Purebred and mixed breeds are welcome. Class sessions are 6 weeks long
and meet indoors once a week. Class sizes are limited. Pre-registration and shot records are required.
Pets should be healthy and pest-free upon entering the kennel.
If your pet is found to have fleas, a flea bath is given at the owners expense.

We also have experienced groomers on staff to pamper your furry friend.
We provide supervised play in a safe, controlled indoor and outdoor environment. Dogs are supervised and good behavior and manners are always encouraged with positive reinforcement.

Your dog can expect a day rich with exercise and attention.